Dungeon Break is now in Early Access on the Google Play Store.

Latest news from Auer Media has announced that its new action game Dungeon Break is now available for early access on Google Play Store. Dungeon Break is the sequel of multi-award nominee and winner Billion Lords, but this time, the minions in the dungeon are on work strike!

Dungeon Break
Dungeon Break is the sequel of multi-award nominee and winner Billion Lords.

Billion Lords witnessed you embody into a powerful and deeply evil Lord. You'd spend hours building dungeons and force an army of minions to obey your evil bidding. It was a pretty entertaining experience, all things considered, with some cool creature designs and satisfying strategy gameplay.

But what do we have to expect from this new mobile game?

Dungeon Break comes with a twist, though. In this game, you'll instead control the minions, who have now grown tired of being taken advantage of as soldiers in the lords’ wars. They’ve united and determined to have a crack at a full-on rebellion. Obviously, this doesn’t turn out as good news to the Lords, and so they'll try to squash your uprising.

First, you’ll begin by making an attempt to flee from the dungeons, dodging traps and enemies to achieve freedom. In addition, considering that this is a rebellion and not an escape attempt, you can also use explosive barrels and ice arrows to beat down your oppressors.

Dungeon Break Ios Artwork Key Art
Minions strike back!

There are plenty of other weapons that you'll have at your disposal as well,  including shotguns, cannons, and lasers. Not only that, but you can also recruit pets like salamanders and skeletons to fight for you.

Dungeon Break is currently available to Android users on Google Play for free. iOS users, on the other hand, will have to wait until September 26th before they can get their hands on this game.  That said, pre-registration is available now on the App Store.