Billion Lords is out on Android. The duty of the players is to kill their enemies by building their own dungeons and selecting different traps. Yes, the rule sounds familiar, because the game is based on the famous Dungeon Keeper game. This is considered to be a new, updated, and most importantly free version of Dungeon Keeper.

Billion Lords
Billion Lords is considered to be the free version of Dungeon Keeper

Billion Lords - the story from the Underworld

The description on Google Play revealed the idea behind the game:

“Once upon a time, the Underworld was ruled by Lord of Evil…
Driven by his endless ambition, he reached out above the underground…
To stop Lord of Evil, God of Light assembled an army of heroes.
With the help of God of Light, Lord of Evil was defeated by heroes. 

The death of Lord of Evil ignited the Underworld.
All Lords began to fortify their dungeons and gather their armies, to fight for the empty throne.”

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There are many tools to build your own dungeon

Once the dungeon is built, there are plenty of ways for the players to defend it. They can summon the troops of Minions or Generals with different abilities to protect the dungeon. The “Hero invasion” feature of the game even allows the players to cast a spell on the heroes to kill them.

One highlight of this game is the way it keeps its players interacting with each other. If you become a fan of this game, why not share your new hobby with your friends? You can create your own Evil League and gain new perks for gathering other Lords. Besides, players can challenge fellow League members to see who has the best dungeon. The developers call this feature “League Arena”.

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Download the game for free

If these features sound interesting to you, head to Google Play and download Billion Lords. In case players want to step up their games, there are some in-app purchases, but it is free to download the game and try out the basic features.

Bliion Lords Gameplay