Com2uS has been developing a brand new mobile game: DragonSky. This is a combination between the gameplay of a classic shooter and the mechanics of a modern-day idle game. In this game, players will have the ability to draw power from the majestic dragons. You will have to utilize that power so as to defeat countless waves of enemies. Currently, you can pre-register for DragonSky on the Google Play Store.

Dragonsky 2
Harness power from the dragons to defeat endless waves of enemies

About DragonSky

In DragonSky, you can recruit more than 54 kinds of Dragons, each with its owns unique set of skills as well as attributes. Throughout the game, you can upgrade your Dragons to increase their power level and make it easier for you to battle again the endless waves of enemies. However, don’t let your guard down as your enemies will also get stronger over time.

The game will keep on going even when players have already logged off. Hence, there will be a lot of experience and also resources waiting for you when you return.

Upgrade your dragons to make them stronger

The game also has several RPG staples which include Legion - a Guild system. This allows players to team up with others to become stronger. You can also join hands and defeat the Attribute Bosses to get more rewards. For the competitive players, DragonSky offers you a League Ranking system.

If you are among the players who pre-register for the game, you will get some rewards. The Pre-registration rewards include 36 Ancient Gems, 2 Tier 10 Dragons and 2000 Gems.

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The game is currently in the Pre-registration phase

The developers are expecting to launch the game in Southeast Asia around the end of August. DragonSky will be available on Android platform. there hasn’t been any information regarding it being available on iOS or not. Should you have pre-registered, you will get further information when the game launches.