Paradox Interactive’s own convention, PDXCON, would start very soon. To celebrate the third time this convention is held publicly, Paradox is offering Crusader Kings 2 for free on Steam. Any player who grabs the game between now and October 20 would get to keep it forever.

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An authentic portrayal of Europe's Middle Ages, Crusader Kings 2 would have you step into the shoes of Kings

Crusader Kings 2 is a strategy game that explores one of the defining periods in world history. Medieval Europe is brought to life in this epic game of knights, schemes, and thrones…

Go on a crusade - Takes on the Cross to fight the Moor, the Heathen, and Heretics

In this game, you would start at any point between 1066 and 1337 and play until 1453. Your character would be a Christian lord or noble – you have to make sure his dynasty survives as your bloodlines continue through the ages. Expand your domain and prestige, secure your position and raise up in the ranks. From a lowly count, your bloodlines can fight to become monarchs of Europe, which controls vast domains. Fill your pockets, appoint servants, root out enemies, introduce laws and interact with hundreds of peers, each with their own motive.

A masterfully crafted game that could give you the most realistic portrayal of the Middle Ages

However, the base game of Crusader Kings 2 is just barely scratching the surface of what this game has to offer. There is a shocking number of DLC for this game, each expands a facet of the past. If you are keen to jump on this wholeheartedly, every major DLC bundles are sale 50% off at the moment. Furthermore, there are also multiple sales for other strategy games from Paradox like Age of Wonders: Planetfall or Imperator: Rome.

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