If you are reading this article then chances are you are a fan of history. You probably have wanted to command your own massive army to conquer some far away land to achieve glory for your country. Maybe you won't be able to do that in real life. However, there are many games out there in which you could simulate that feeling of having real power as a feudal lord.

Some games heavily rely on real historical events

While working on this article we noticed one very interesting thing that historical games came out mostly on PC. We also have some exceptions of historical FPS games for PS4 and Xbox One. We have Call of Duty and Battlefield about World War 1 and 2, but those game always take on the perspective of the American side.

Here is our list of the games that you should be checking out if you are a history buff.

#6. Anno

Available:  PC

Latest Installment: 16th April 2019 - Anno 1800

They started the first installment in the series back in 1998 with Anno 1602. The original publisher is EA while the game was developed by Max Design. But then with the later titles, the development of the game shift to Ubisoft and Blue Byte.

The series features the challenge of colonization and exploration of many islands. Your main mission in the game is to explore your surroundings, manage your resources, set up diplomacy and join in many naval and land-based battles.  The installments will have different settings, some games even take part in the distance future. Anno games have a deep and good story with many complex features to serve and protect your nation.

#5. Crusader Kings

Available: PC

Latest Installment: 12th February 2012 - Crusader Kings 2 

Up until now, Crusader Kings 2 is already 7-year-olds. Paradox Interactive has been working hard to keep the game alive with many DLCs throughout the years to spice things up. In this game,  the player will be able to control various dynasties from 1066 to 1453. Some DLCs even go back further than that. You can choose between Asian dynasties and European empires and more. The frustrating and fun elements of the game come from its complexity. Take on the role of a Lord and perform your tasks of wars planning, marriages, trade & commerce, succession and many other to stay in the top of power in your dynasty.

#4. Total War

Available: PC

Latest Installment: 3rd May 2018 -  Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia 

This amazing series of Total War started back in 2000. There were many installments in this series with the themes of Shogun, Rome, Attila, Britannia... Some even take on the fictional theme like the Warhammer Universe.

This strategy games series of Total War will let you control many kingdoms in the engagement in combat and commerce with your neighboring countries in those far off lands. All the Total War games are all based on real-world historical events except those with the fictional theme. These games are like the combination of turn-based and simulation games with the main objective is to spread your empire and religion.

 #3. Europa Universalis

Available: PC

Latest Installment: 13th August 2013 -  Europa Universalis IV 

Paradox Interactive is the developer behind all the Europa Universalis titles. In fact, this is a very similar game to Crusader Kings 2. The only visible difference between these games is that you control a country in Europa Universalis while in Crusader Kings 2 a whole empire is under your control. The main mechanics is both games are quite different but we could say that the two games are both complicated.

Trade, conquest, plunder, religion, marriage together with other activities are present within the game. You could take on the role of the leader of many countries and work on spreading your sphere of influence.

#2. Assassin's Creed

Available: PC, PS4, Xbox One  With spin-offs titles on iOS, Android and Switch

Latest Game: 5th October 2018 -  Assassin's Creed: Odyssey

This is a historical action title that mixes a fictional story into many different eras of world history.  The game is about a device names "Animus" that put the main character of the game into the memory of their assassin ancestors time.

With this game, you will be able to take on many different historical setting such as the Italian Renaissance, American Revolution, French Revolution, and the Crusades. They also feature many famous figures in history to make a great plot of mixed reality and fiction. The open worlds and combat also add lots of spice to the series.

#1. Civilization

Available: Nintendo Switch, PC

Latest Installment: 21 October 2016 - Civilization VI 

In the market of strategy game we just couldn't miss out on Civilization. In this game, you will be put into the hat of a ruler of a dynasty/ country as a queen/king and advance your realm from Stone Age to the end. To advance your civilization you will need to take into consideration many factors such as trade, education, warfare, and resources.

Each installment on the game all has a pretty long life span. They also release DLCs regularly to expand the content of each version. Civ 5 is the best and most polished game in the series while the latest title is currently dealing with some of its flaws.