Consuming strange creatures' flesh is disgusting, but for the sake of science, you'll have to embrace all your stomach for it. That's the concept of Bite The Bullet - a roguelike shooter in which you can consume everybody on your way to get stronger and provide data for scientific research.

And many studies have shown that if you eat too much, you'll become extremely high at certain points. This concept also applies in Bite The Bullet as well, as if you eat enough bodies, you'll turn into a crazily powerful melee fighter!

You can see what I'm talking about through the reveal trailer below:

The story of Bite The Bullet

The story of Bite The Bullet starts with DarwinCorp - a corporation that carries its highly important strategic task of scientific researching. To be more specific, it wants to collect all the genes from this galaxy, either by performing research and experiments or by violence - if they need to.

And since some 'specimens' has not accepted their peaceful offer, they'll have to send troops for this task. Chewie and Chewella - the two ambitious soldiers - are the ones chosen for this objective, as they'll bring their guns and war prowess to the scene to collect the genetic information.

Bite The Bullet Preview 7
Chewie and his female peer are sent to many places collect genetic samples

However, they're not gathering the information as the corporation has expected - they eat those specimens. That's because Chewie and Chewella have the power given by their bio-implants from Earth back in their time, which turn them into half-human half-ghoul beings.

And on their journey back to Earth that DarwinCorp sent them to, the two soldiers have figured out that the corporation's aim is not for collecting samples, but more about destruction. Hence, they'll have to decide to turn against them - using their power to stop DarwinCorp!

Bite The Bullet Preview 5
Eat what you like, and shoot what you don't!

Gameplay features

As I've mentioned, Bite The Bullet is a roguelike 8-way shooter that brings some vibes of the classic Contra and Metal Slug. You'll take control of one in the two soldiers, Chewie or his female friends Chewella, and blast your way through 40 stages full of eatable stuff. To be more specific, you can eat not only your enemies but also the bullets or the walls as well.

And based on what you eat, your ability path will change. Generally, there are several classes that varies from the vegetarian Slaughter of the Soil to the flesh-eater Gorivore. Each path consists of various abilities, which you can customize to match your playstyle and satisfy your taste. After all, you are what you eat, and your body parts will transform and become stronger based on what you consume.

Bite The Bullet Preview 2
The more you eat, the stronger you'll become

Furthermore, you can also collect many kinds of weapons on your way. Those weapons will be upgraded via eating, and you can turn them into the most hilarious weapons like Meat-Seeking Missiles. Additionally, you have your skills to back you up in certain cases as well, which are specified in each class. The more you eat, the more calories you gain to deliver even more powerful special attacks to your enemies.

Bite The Bullet Preview 8
There are many weapons you can loot on your way

Eating too much in real life is a serious problem, but in Bite The Bullet, it's recommended! Eating to a certain point, you can turn into the Zombro form - a blue musculus creature that is very strong, very fast, and will smack the enemies in melee encounters. You might not have your mind in this state, but who cares!

Last but not least, the DarwinCorp has given you a high-tech shield, allowing you to block enemies' fire and knock them back if they get in too close. I don't know how this shield will work yet, but it will definitely have certain durability and cooldown.

Bite The Bullet Preview 3
There's a shield that you can use to block enemies' fire

Release date and supported platform

Bite The Bullet will be available in January 2020. At launch, it will support PC via Steam, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.