Previously coming to E3 2019, Valfaris has stolen the heart of many gamers. Many media outlets have listed the game in their best indie games complication at that time for a good reason: It brings back the sweet memories of playing side-scrolling shooter games back in the genre's golden era.

Now, players who missed the game at E3 2019 will have chances to finally dive in Valfaris. The developer Steel Mantis has announced the official release date of the game, and it's very close to us.

Before getting into the details, let's admire its visual and gameplay through this release date trailer:

About Valfaris

Valfaris takes the settings of a far location in space - an orbit of a dying sun. In there, the huge fortress of Valfaris - which previously disappeared for a long time ago - is now coming back. However, the once-a-closed-heaven now is having something sinister in it.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
The fortress of Valfaris that has mysteriously disappeared is coming back

The magnificent citadel is now full of dark creatures, and posing a huge threat to the orbit. Hence, the daring and confident son of Valfaris - Therion will have to find what's happening in his father's fortress.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
Meets Therion - the main protagonist of Valfaris

On his journey home, he'll have to blow the aliens up, unveil the mystery behind the vanish of the fortress, and challenge the evil that's controlling it.

Again, the story of the game is quite intriguing, but we're not coming here for it. Just like when we enjoyed Contra without knowing the narrative behind, Valfaris wants to impress players with its gameplay.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
Valfaris brings back the memories of side-scrolling shooter genre in its golden era

Basically, it's a side-scrolling shooter platformer, as you take control of Therion on his journey in the citadel of Valfaris. In this pixel-art world, Therion will slash and shoot his way through hordes of aliens and monsters to find the secret behind the comeback of the Fortress.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
Shoot and slash your way to the bosses

Therion can unlock more weapons as he adventures further into the dark. From the trailer, you can see the brave warrior hold a laser-beam gun, a tentacle-shooting gun and even a shield-releasing one.  And it doesn't stop only with shooting, as Therion can use many melee weapons to slash the alien down, too. The weapons in this game are out of imagination, and you'll find yourself enjoying it right away.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
There are a lot of weapons for you to choose and carry!

To add more hype into this journey, the game also gives you power through the seismic metal-rock soundtrack. The BGM in this game will come from the hand of the former guitarist from Celtic Frost - Curt Victor Bryant.

Release date and supported platforms

We don't have to wait for much longer to play Valfaris, as the game is coming out for PC on October 10 via Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Switch users will receive the game on the same day.

Valfaris Will Make You Recall The Epic Memories Of
Valfaris is coming for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

PS4 and Xbox One players will have to wait until November 5 (for PS4) and 8 (for Xbox One) to touch the game.

Are you looking forward to playing this game?