8-bit SNES games are a part of the millennials’ childhood. Popular games like Contra, Mario, Tetris during that time were awesome. Nowadays, 8-bit graphics games still maintain a decent fanbase with great enthusiasm.

With the limit of early age technology, NES or SNES games were often sketchy with graphics. To make up for the poor graphics, game developers tended to focus more on the gameplay and storyline.

Cyber Shadow Game 01
Early age SNES games were often unimpressive with sketchy graphics

Due to that, games in this age often had interesting gameplay or rich content to explore. The game mechanics were well-polished with some hidden secrets or content for curious gamers.

Cyber Shadow Game 02
SNES game often has a rich story or gameplay to compensate for the poor graphics

Nowadays, game developers focus more on graphics and building favorite characters. It is not necessarily a bad thing but sometimes, the plot or gameplay is neglected.

Cyber Shadow Game 03
Modern games often neglect the storyline or gameplay

Contra and Ninja Gaiden combined

However, I feel so relieved when stumbling upon this hidden gem. Cyber Shadow combines the Ninja Gaiden with Contra in a surreal post-apocalyptic environment. You fight as a ninja in a world full of hostile synthetic creatures.

Cyber Shadow Game 04
What will you do in this wasted land?

Cyber Shadow is a Metroidvania 2D retro platformer where you take on the role of Shadow, a ninja in a journey to uncover the truth about the downfall of humanity.

Just like any platformer, Cyber Shadow let you traverse wasted lands, plagued with monsters and hostile creatures. To get past or defeat these monsters, you can resort to a ninja’s signature weapons like a sword, shuriken or circular blade.

Cyber Shadow Game 06
Swing your sword, you are a ninja

As the game proceeds, you can unlock more powerups and utilities. There are also boss, big bad bosses like in Contra. You have to carefully investigate the boss’ behavior and firing pattern and then strike back. Try to rescue your clan to unlock even more Ninjutsu skills and abilities.

Also, as every true 8-bit NES game, Cyber Shadow has put numerous secrets along the path, waiting for keen gamers to unearth the mysteries.

Cyber Shadow Game 05
Can we save our clan from extinction?

Cyber Shadow is currently in Early Access on Steam. It is available for pre-purchase on Yacht Gamer at $7.5. Definitely worth a try.