On account of the many constructing features in the game, fans have possessed the capacity to make unimaginable artworks and use Fortnite as a vast source of memes. Be that as it may, well known YouTube creator Gamology recreate the game by making their own version of Fortnite to make it look like an 8-bit game.

By this, Fortnite may be even more interesting and attractive to older gamers and fans who have always loved the iconic games from the 80s.

Gamology's Fortnite renovation idea takes a numerous number of traits from its battle royale mode and turns them into many levels and challenges for the adventures in the game.

8 Bit Fortnite
How do you think of an 8-bit arcade version of the popular Fortnite?

It launches with a classic-looking character selector and there are a total of 8 different appearances that you can choose from.

At level 1 you are asked to avoid hazards to land safely on the ground after jumping from a pixelated flying bus. As the game continues you will be given other tasks and challenges in a total of 6 stages, those include building a base on your own, using a sniper to tackle enemies, dealing with attackers while undercover

After effectively crossing the numerous stages and areas of Fortnite's familiar map, the player is tasked to fight against the last player, a character who looks just totally like John Wick, the deadliest assassin.

You can feel incredibly nostalgic playing this interesting version of Fortnite, especially when the sounds and visual effects of it just remind us of classic arcade games like Contra, Duck Hunt,...

The bad news is that this version is only imaginary and only works on a Youtube video. But who knows, maybe an 8-bit version of Fortnite can be successful just like its original version.

Fortnite's 8-bit makeover