Banana Kong Blast is a sequel to Banana Kong, and endless runner/platformer that was released all the way back in 2013. At first glance, you can already tell that the game bears a striking resemblance to Nintendo’s Donkey Kong in multiple ways, and it's clearly not afraid to admit that fact. While the original was more or less your usual runner experience, it still managed to be quite addicting thanks to its quirky and colorful theme. Now, the sequel promises to add more variety. It is currently available on both Google Play and the App Store.

Banana Kong
Released in 2013, Banana Kong Blast was a pretty standard yet highly addictive endless runner/platformer game

In Banana Kong Blast, you begin each run by getting launched from a barrel cannon. You'll then progress by tapping on your screen to be fired from barrel to barrel, each one can send you flying in a different direction. There are also parts in which you have to swing from vines to slide down a tree trunk, but for the most part, barrel propulsion will be your primary mean of transportation. Check out the game’s trailer below for a demonstration:

This transforms the endless runner gameplay of Banana Kong into something more similar to a standard platformer – save for the fact that you don’t have total control over your movements. This means you have to put more effort into understanding the timing instead of just rely on your reactions to avoid obstacles.

Banana Kong Blast Sc 1
Barrel propulsion will be your primary mean of transportation

The graphics have also seen huge improvements compared to the first Banana Kong, use of 3D graphics in a 2D environment. This results in sections in which Kong seemingly floats between the background and the actual screen, giving off a stronger vibe of momentum.

Banana Kong Blast Sc 3
The graphics have also seen huge improvements

At the moment, Banana Kong Blast features 48 levels for you to play through with more promised to arrive in future updates. As mentioned, it is up for grab right now on Google Play and the App Store for free. Naturally, that means IAPs are to be expected.