Scrambling through the list of free games on Steam, I held no much expectations. Steam is a free place where developers can submit just any kind of games. Even for the like of $5, you can still come upon some really bad games with horrible graphics and cliché gameplay. However, after quite a while reading reviews and suggestions, I stumbled upon this hidden gem: FrostRunner.

Speedrun coupled with Platformer

Are you a fan of speed? Do you fancy the platformer genre? Then this game is just for you. FrostRunner is a 3D platformer game where your main objective is to reach the destination within a time limit. The game is easy to pick up and hard to refrain from playing.

Frostrunner First Person Platformer 01
FrostRunner is easy to play

The game takes place in a desolate, frozen environment with floating objects. They are your playing ground where you seem to “surf” your way to the finishing line. There are many objects you can manipulate to make your run even smoother.

Frostrunner First Person Platformer 02
Surf your way to the finishing line

The Ice terrain adds extra more fun to the game. When surfing on ice, you will have less control and faster speed. Your race will be even crazier with multiple tracks you can land on. The game is 3D after all. Sometimes, one stage can have multiple routes to victory. Discover your own path to the finishing line.

Frostrunner First Person Platformer 03
Find your best convenient route

Beware the spike!

However, the game is not all fun. Beware the spikes! They may get in your way while you are floating in the air. Also, you may sometimes drift off the track and fall off the edge. Just chalk it down to experience and start over.

Frostrunner First Person Platformer 04
These flower-ish red spikes are not friendly at all

Also, the main attraction of the game is the leaderboard. Each stage has its own leaderboard with top 10 runners and their time record. For hardcore gamers, it poses a challenge and sets a target for you to reach. With a short playtime and simple gameplay, FrostRunner is ideal for those who seek a quality time killer. The game is free on Steam and receives overwhelmingly positive reviews with the rate of 95% out of 1510. FrostRunner is well worth your time.