Sometimes you can just tell right from the first glance that a game has received a lot of love from its developer, and the upcoming platformer game Norman’s Night In from two-person studio Bactrian Games is one such case. The game has spent quite a long time in development and its story follows the trials and tribulations of a shopkeeper named Norman.

Norman Night In Gameplay
A quirky platformer game whose story follows an old shopkeeper named Norman

One day, Norman went out to buy a new bowling ball, and, well, we can say that he got a bit more than what he bargained for. Somehow, the man found himself getting trapped inside a strange, dark realm known only as the Cave with the bowling ball being his only source of light – yes, it turns out the thing contained some kinds of spells inside it, who would’ve thought? Now, he must rely on this magical bowling ball to navigate this massive and interconnected world and find his way home. Here is the fun part, though: You as the player will “help” Norman by slamming the ball into his belly over and over again to send him flying all over the place. The poor guy… Check out the trailer for Norman’s Night In below for a visual demonstration:

As mentioned, you can tell that the developer has put a lot of effort into this game just by looking at it. All the levels are hand-painted, with all the traps, challenges, and backgrounds beautifully presented in highly detailed graphics. Bactrian Games has spent over 3 years working on this project, and finally it is nearing the finishing line. The game is set to launch next month on the 18th of September on Steam, Android, and iOS.

Norman's Night In
This world is just gorgeous

No information about the pricing is available just yet, but we do know for a fact that Norman’s Night In will be a premium release and not a free title. If you’re a PC player, you can head over to Steam right now to add it to your wishlist. Otherwise, look forward to when it hits Google Play and the App Store just a month from now.