The weekend is finally here, but the week is not actually over yet, and that means the stream of news of acclaimed PC/console games coming to iOS is still flowing. Following the awesome roguelike action-platformer Rogue Legacy and the stunningly beautiful Journey, the fantastic GRIS from Devolver Digital and Nomada Studio has also been announced to be coming to the App Store.

Gris Ios
We'll be able to experience this gorgeous platformer on our phones very soon

Ever since we first laid our eyes on Gris when it was originally revealed for PC late last year, we were immediately blown away by its gorgeous graphics, captivating soundtrack, and touching story. While the game received mixed reviews from many mainstream gaming sites, we think it is definitely is one of the best indie titles we’ve had in recent memory. Check out the trailer for the game below:

GRIS is a puzzle/platformer in which you step in the shoes of Gris, a girl who had suffered devastating losses and is now lost in her own world. It’s a story with no words, one that is all about overcoming depression. You’ll have to be at the girl’s side every step along the way to help her grow emotionally and view the world from a different perspective. As you do so, you’ll gain access to new abilities, which in turn allows you to explore paths that were not available before. Eventually, she will manage to get through her grief and sorrow, which is absolutely heartwarming.

Gris Story
A heartwarming story of a young girl trying to overcome depression

If you want to grab GRIS for your phone, you can head over to the App Store to pre-order it right now for $4.99 (Rs 350). It is set to launch later this month, on the 22nd of August. If you are a fan of artistic games such as Journey, then this game is a must-try, so mark the date!