Gris, a gorgeous puzzle-platformer game by Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital, has officially announced its firm release date. To be specific, it is going to be available on December 13.

Gris Ftd 090418
Gris - a gorgeous puzzle-platformer game will come back on this 13th Dec

Gris's trailer

Gris is the collaboration product between Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital. With its stunning watercolor fantasy, Gris is considered the most gorgeous 2D platform game in 2018. The first firm hints of Gris were unveiled in last August through its 90-second trailer. Speaking from the trailer, there is no doubt that its "serene and evocative narrative experience" and beautiful imagery have taken almost everyone's breath away.

Gris Reveal Trailer

Gris's story

Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital have successfully shown off and stood out with this game. Gris is totally different from the majority of recent games, with the settings based on watercolor paintings along with emotive music. The game follows a young girl, suffering from devastating loss and getting lost in her own world. The players will stay by her side, help her grow emotionally and see the world in a different way. Doing so will unlock new abilities that reveal new paths to explore. And in the end, the girl is able to get through sorrow and overcome her grief, which is a wonderful thing to see.

Gris Preview Soundtrack
Gris's soundtrack sets the atmosphere perfectly

Gris is a stunning watercolor adventure

“You start pretty much with nothing and then you see her growing and learning from her surroundings and dealing with the whole thing,” said Roger Mendoza, co-founder of the Spain-based Nomada Studio. “At the end you see all the colors and the world changes." According to Mendoza, this game grows up alongside the player.

“You’ve grown up, and the game grows with you.”

The origin of Gris

Nomada Studio and Devolver Digital want to make a change from many traditional video games, which are full of killing and fighting.

“We wanted to do something different and Conrad wanted to do something more artistic as well,” explains Adrian Cuevas, the other co-founder of Nomada, of the origins of the game. “Basically, we like a lot of games like Journey and Ori and the Blind Forest, these types of games that have different art styles. So, [...] we decided to focus a lot on this, on the music and on having a subtle story.”

Stay tuned, Gris is heading to PC and Nintendo Switch on December 13.