A popular genre

We are no stranger to platformer games. Mario, Bounce, Megaman X, even the early age Contra would be the name when we mention about a platformer. It is a part of our childhood and our current life.

Platformer games are often made by indie developers. They are often simple adventures on a low budget to just to keep the love for platformer games alive. The fun of platformer titles lies in the endless possibility of the adventure. You never know what awaits ahead until you go. Even if you fail, checkpoints have got your back.

Neo Beats 07
Mario may well be your first ever platformer

A neat title

However, each platformer game differs in many ways. Many titles tend to solidify the story, the adventure. Other games pay more attention to other elements of the game such as graphics or music. Neon Beats has managed to do just that. Cute and neat graphics coupled with chilling music has made the game noteworthy.

Neo Beats 08
Neon Beats did a good job with graphics and music

You play as a square object and traverse the dark world. Along your journey, you can use multiple objects and mechanics to reach higher. You can even stick to the wall and jump to the other side.

Neo Beats 01
You can stick to the wall and jump out freely

Beware the spikes, they are unfriendly objects waiting to throw you way back in your journey. Once you touch the spikes, you will return to the latest checkpoint.

Neo Beats 02
Beware! Not everything here is friendly

Also, look out for music notes along the way. The more you collect, the more score you can get.

Neo Beats 04
Look out for music notes along your adventure

There are even more objects to help you.

Neo Beats 05
This object lifts you up

The finishing score depends on your performance throughout the game. The quicker you reach there, the better the score. Unfortunately, the game is pretty short with just 3 stages. However, with easy to pick up gameplay and good music, you will surely have a good time with Neon Beats. The game is currently free on Steam with overwhelmingly positive reviews of 97%.