Steel Circus is definitely not juggling around when it first came out in EGX Rezzed 2019. We've missed that event, so we didn't have chances to find out why it has got such a high point.

However, now we have another opportunity to touch our hand on this sport-sim title. Recently, Steel Circus has come out to the public on Steam Early Access, and it's completely free to play!

But first, let's watch this trailer before diving into our brief review on the game:

The backstory of Steel Circus

Steel Circus takes place in a future world. It's the year 2350 when the world has suffered from a long period of war and conflict. Finally, people can live under a fragile peace, and enjoy their favorite sports events.

Every year, the Solar Council hosted a closed politic discuss, and gathered all of the strongest factions. And in order to keep these meetings in darkness, they throw an annual league called "Steel Circus" that the Champions from each Faction join. It's basically like our World Cup event, but it's at the universe level! Everyone under the Solar System is following the events with all their hearts!

Steel Circus Is The Soccer Match Between The Robot
Steel Circus is an annual event that put the political meetings under shadow

The Champions will have to compete with other teams from other factions and gain the final glory in front of the roaring audiences!

Playing handball with special robot powers

The background story of Steel Circus was already very hype! However, it's not a story-driven game, so the Steel Circus's gameplay where this title shines.

Basically, Steel Circus throws you and other players into a closed arena, playing handball. But it's not our time's handball matches. It's a handball match in advanced technology with MOBA elements.

Steel Circus Is The Soccer Match Between The Robot
Steel Circus is a handball match in the future!

To be more specific, you'll have to choose one from many robotic characters, each has their unique playstyle and two special skills. Your objective is to throw the ball into your opponents' net and prevent them to do the same thing. Some might be really good at attacking, some relevant in defending and some are made to support. The skills vary from supporting heal and buffs, AoE stuns to deadly fast artillery.

Steel Circus Is The Soccer Match Between The Robot
There're a lot of characters for you to choose from

Besides the characters' skills, anyone can charge up their normal shoot, pass the ball to the teammates, and just tackle your opponents. Those are the basic moves for every character to do when their skills are cooling down. The fun thing about Steel Circus is its physic, where you can throw the ball into the wall and let it ricochet into the goal net!

Steel Circus Is The Soccer Match Between The Robot
Steel Circus posed a lot of potentials!

If you're sick of playing Rocket League or Overwatch for too long, give Steel Circus a try!

At this moment, the game is free-to-play on Steam Early Access. You can play a total of seven characters now, and expect more to come with later updates.