In the spring of 2017, there was an early look at 'Stomped', an upcoming side-scrolling snowboarding game of the developer UglyRobot. In case you don't know, UglyRobot was the same developer behind the outstanding Pocket Motocross Adventure, so news of another offering from them was certainly exciting.

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'Stomped' is a stunning side-scrolling snowboarding game.

According to the publisher, this title aimed to bring players not only the joy of cruising through beautiful spaces but also the satisfaction of performing tricky combos. Think of it as a hybrid between Alto’s Adventure and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

There were not much more details about 'Stomped' till this past Game Developers Conference (GDC) in March 2019. It was then that we got the information that Noodlecake Studios was putting out the game and we got its new hands-on demo. 

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The game was out on both iOS and Android devices since 4th September.

And now the game is finally available for interested players to give it a try. The game publisher also releases a brand new trailer. Let’s check it out for more details!

For only $2.99 (Rs 210), you can download 'Stomped' from both Google Play and the App Store. Naturally, as a premium release, no advertisements or IAPs will be included, so you don't have to worry about those things ruining the fun.

You will pass across beautiful and gorgeous mountain landscapes, noseslide through stormy peaks, and try your best to overcome deadly abysses. Find your flow when you pair with massive combos at an extremely fast speed but remember to stomp the landing. And surely that your heart will be likely pounding when you launch over huge gaps & flip via unlimited gorgeous locations.

If you are in for an exciting adventure, don't hesitate, pick your smartphone up, download 'Stomped' and get into the action right now!