Synthwave Run is the debut title from developer Kristiyan Kralev aka That Friendly Dev. As its title suggests, this is a runner game set to synth-wave tracks. The game is available right for both Android and iOS. Check out its trailer below:

The game promises to be a serious challenge that will push your reflex to its limit. According to the developer, he has died over three thousand times ever since he started making the game back in 2018, so if a difficult runner is what you are into, Synthwave Run is an option that you might want to look into.

You'll be zooming through the game’s various levels at breakneck speed, relying solely on your reflexes to choose the right action in specific situations: Jumping to avoid collision with different objects, dashing to destroy enemies or slide through certain small gaps, and boosting to get to further platforms.

Synthwave Run Actions B6db_wm
You'll be able to perform a variety of actions including jumping, boosting, and dashing

All of the action is backed by some pretty awesome music, which you can have a taste of from the trailer included above. The minimalistic, neon-themed aesthetic also serves to complement the overall experience as well. Moreover, the name of the song currently playing will be shown at the top corner, so if you find a song particularly interesting, you’ll instantly know what it’s called. It’s a small feature, but certainly a convenient one.

Synthwave Run is more than just about running to cool soundtracks too. There’s a purpose to all of this – or more like a destination.  The goal of the game is to get to the core, and you’ll have a few Runners to choose from to do so. Some of these can be unlocked via in-game currency that you obtain by playing, while others must be bought with real money.

Synthwave Run Characters B605_wm
There are several runners to choose from

You can find Synthwave Run available right now on both Google Play and the App Store. It’s a free-to-play game with IAPs included.