Rayman Mini from Pastagames and Ubisoft Montpellier is now accessible for iOS owners who are using the iOS 13 beta. To commemorate its launch, Ubisoft has released a new trailer yesterday, though further details on the game are still a bit light. Let’s check out the trailer first to see what it’s all about:

From what we can tell, Rayman Mini looks more like a runner than a typical platformer. Our protagonist never stops running during the entirety of the video, and the pace of the gameplay clearly looks faster than previous Rayman games such as Origins or Legends.

And if that is indeed the case, this wouldn’t be the first mobile Rayman runner game either. We’ve got plenty of those over the years: Rayman Jungle Run in 2012, Rayman Fiesta Run in 2013, and Rayman Adventures in 2015, just to name a few. The main thing that sets this upcoming release apart is that it’ll be a premium game without any ads or IAPs.

Rayman Mini
Rayman Mini looks more like a runner than a platformer

According to Ubisoft, Rayman Mini will include 48 levels at its release. Things such as boss fights, costumes available to unlock, and other characters are to be expected as well. Moreover, cross-progression is supported on all iOS devices too.

In terms of presentation, Rayman Mini looks fantastic: All the environments are presented with vivid colors and filled with tons of details, and the animations look slick. Honestly, you could put it next to Legends and a lot of people wouldn’t be able to tell which is which.

Rayman Mini Ios Screenshot Platforming
The game looks absolutely slick!

Rayman Mini will launch tomorrow alongside Apple Arcade, but some users who are part of the iOS 13 have been able to get their hands on it already. Even if this is just another attempt to make profits off of a popular figure, we’re always on board with a quality game!