Oku Game – DJ Runner is one of those games whose title pretty much says it all. It's a runner in which you’ll play as a DJ. The game is available right now on both Android and iOS.

The protagonist of this game is Oku, who is made based on the likeness of Oku Luukkainen, a Finnish DJ. Luukkainen is well-known for his passion for Eurodance music, so of course, the soundtrack of Oku Game – DJ Runner is heavily influenced by that. However, the developer has added a bit of a retro-sounding spin to shake things up a bit. Additionally, some popular Eurodance artists will also make an appearance as in-game cameos as well. Check out the game's trailer below:

In term of presentation and gameplay, basically everything about Oku Game – DJ Runner is a callback to the 90s era. Your health bar is a pizza, and each time you get hit a slice will disappear off of it. You’ll collect CDs to earn score. The enemies that you must avoid (or shoot when you've unlocked that ability) are ninjas – because why not? However, you have to take care not to accidentally shoot or tackle old ladies on the streets, as that’s of course a terrible thing to do.

Oku Game Dj Runner
Feel free to shoot the ninjas, but avoid old ladies crossing the streets!

Toward the end of every level, there are some minigames that you can play for a chance to further increase your score. These can range from simply tapping on the screen to simulate texting, dodging the things that fans throw at you during your gigs, or sorting mails you receive into different piles. It’s nothing you’d call revolutionary, but it does provide you with something different to do between all the running.

Oku Game
Various minigames to play between levels

Oku Game – DJ Runner is available on both Google Play and the App Store. It's a free-to-play release, but there is apparently no in-app purchases included, only some ads that pop up from time to time.