All the way back in GDC 2017, developer Golden Bite Games revealed a really clever mobile game that it was working on titled Runnedrez. This name was a combination of the two words “runner" and “Ajedrez," which means “Chess” in Spanish.

As you can probably guess from its name, this was an endless runner, but it followed the rules of Chess. You’d play as a Knight (the chess piece, not an actual knight in shining armor), and thus you could only move in an L shape, just like Knights do in chess. As you jumped down the game’s gridded lane, you’d encounter other chess pieces that were out to get you. Again, they also moved as they do in a normal chess game, so you must calculate your moves to stay out of their ways.

Knight Quest Old Graphics
Runnedrez was a combination of "Runner" and "Ajedrez" (Chess)

Runnedrez was a nice innovation to the endless runner formula, and it worked pretty well for the most part. However, as it were back then, the graphics were rather poor, and the title Runnedrez, while clever, was not something that gamers could remember too easily. Thus, the developer went on to ask the community to help with the graphics and name of its game, and it was announced once again at GDC 2018 under the new name Knight Quest. Now, the game is approaching the finishing line, as a release date has been confirmed. A new trailer is also available, you can check it out right below:

Knight Quest is scheduled to hit the App Store later this month on the 26th of August, with an Android version following shortly after on the 30th. At launch, it’ll include both a single-player campaign and endless runner mode. If you are looking for a casual yet innovative title to kill some free time, be sure to keep an eye out for this one!