During the recent Gamescom, members of the gaming community had the chance to hear about Ghostrunner.

Ghostrunner is a new cyberpunk video game from the publisher of the upcoming Space Cows and Metamorphosis - All In Games. This first-person slasher is actually the newest project of One More Level, the same developer as God’s Trigger and Deadlings.

The game is set in a future world future where there has just been a global cataclysm. The Keymaster is ruling this world and making it really harsh.

The resources in this world are running out. Furthermore, the global cataclysm swept away most of the world’s population and ripped through the natural environment. Therefore, The rest of the world’s population has had to turn into a war-torn tower. The whole world depends on you - a cyber-warrior - to get to the tower's top to fix what has been broken.

3572595 Ghostrunner Screenshot 04
You are the only one who can fix this world

In this world, your value depends strongly on the category of implants you own. These implants, which you get from your childhood, will define your whole life. The implants will determine your social group. Therefore, If you didn’t have enough luck to have a good life, there would be hardly anything you can do.

The game has just got a new trailer on YouTube too. In a press release, the developer calls Ghostrunner as “an action [first-person perspective] video game”. It says that you will be a cyber-warrior that is "capable of fighting both in the physical world and in cyberspace".

3572596 Ghostrunner Screenshot 05
This stunning cyberpunk seems to be really promising

Ghostrunner will be available on Xbox One, PlayStation and PC. So far, there hasn’t been an exact release date for it yet. However, the game's page on Steam store reports a planned release window for next year.

The above video is a gameplay demo of Ghostrunner from the Gamescom show floor. This is a 7-minute video that show a short, “tutorial” mission where the player run and jump around stabbing enemies inside a neon-drenched dystopian train station.