The gaming company CD Projekt RED has been keeping information of its next title Cyberpunk 2077 really good. This gaming company gave us a huge leak about the gameplay of this title in the past: a gameplay video that lasted 48 minutes during E3 2018 convention, but that is it. Since E3 2018 convention, CD Projekt RED has not given out any kind of leak about the gameplay of this title.

Don’t get us wrong; we do appreciate any kind of leak about this title at all. Cyberpunk 2077 is surely among the wishlist of almost all gamers in the world now (any gamers who say that they really do not want to play the game are either liars or those who can't afford to play the game), and we have all been blown off when Keanu Reeves himself showed up on the stage of E3 2019 convention to announce the official release date of the title himself.

But the gameplay leaks for Cyberpunk 2077 are still nowhere to be found. After E3 2019 convention, staffs of CD Projekt RED have been taking many interviews to talk about the game. Many information about the plot, the feature, the romance … in the game has been leaked, but nothing about the gameplay, especially the bosses of the game, until now.

Just recently, CD Projekt RED posted on the official Twitter account for the game Cyberpunk 2077 a screenshot of a fighting scene in the game, seemingly the boss fighting scene in the game.