Coming from independent developer Pedrocorp, Hellrule is an upcoming auto-runner in which you will step in the shoes of a dapper gentleman who comes equipped with a razor-sharp umbrella with which he’ll slice up hordes of monstrous creatures. The game will be available for both Android and iOS with the launch date expected to be late this year or early next year. Check out its trailer below:

According to the developer, Hellrule draws a lot of inspiration from those classic 2D side-scrolling games such as Castlevania or Ghosts and Goblins. Plus, as its name suggests, the game will possess a gloomy, hellish aesthetic with tons of traps littered across various environments and people being chained to the wall.

The gameplay itself, as you can expect from an auto-runner, will naturally involve constantly running forward, using jumps and double jumps to avoid traps and obstacles when needed. That said, Pedrocorp has added some more unique mechanics to set its offering apart from other games of the genre. While most other auto-runners are all about going as fast as you can for as long as you can, Hellrule will require a more tactical approach. Sometimes you’ll have to duck to dodge incoming attacks, and doing so will also put your character to a halt. Basically, this means you will have some degree of control over the pace of the game.

Hellrule Ios Screenshot Dodge
A runner with a more tactical approach

To add to the challenge, plenty of enemies will be put in your way, requiring you to time a slash with your umbrella/sword at the opportune moment to cut them in half. Moreover, there are several tricky bosses to test your mettle on as well, from a giant goat head that throws eyeballs at you to a towering ogre.

Hellrule Ios Screenshot Hand
Plenty of traps, enemies, and bosses to overcome

All in all, Hellrule looks like a lot of simple, challenging fun, and the developer has promised that the game will offer a premium experience with no free-to-play shenanigans. As mentioned, it’ll launch either late this year or early next year for both Android and iOS.