I don't know exactly how, but games that take recent environmental issues or portraying the untouched beauty of nature always use foxes as the characters. And now, the indie developer Herobeat is introducing their new game Endling, featuring a mother fox in action to save her children.

We've already been stunned by the gorgeous game Never Alone and amazed with the recently announced Spirit Of The North. And Endlings are very likely to keep up with this pace with its visuals and intriguing narrative. You can see it through the trailer below:

The last fox's life is very hard due to the human's carelessness

According to recent studies, the world is going to lose 27 percents of its animal species if the climate change keeps going on like this. Converting into real numbers, it accounts for over 28,000 species, including Bears, Tigers, Lions, Rhinos and many other species.

That's why the world in Endling is not that far from us anymore. Taking the futurist settings where the Earth has been ravaged by human's activities, this game will put you into the shoes of the last mother fox - one of the most adaptive kinds on Earth. Your mission is to guide her and her three little new-borns to keep surviving in the strange and hostile natural habitats.

Endling Is A Side Scrolling Game About A Fox Witne
Take control of the last fox and her cubs remaining on Earth

While protecting your cubs and staying alive as the last hope of her kind, the fox will experience how the world has been torn by the human race. This eco-conscious adventure is not going to be easy on them, and they'll encounter a lot of sticky situation on their way, demanding them to become the hunter and avoid being the prey.

Endling Is A Side Scrolling Game About A Fox Witne
Find foods, water, and shelter to stay alive

Will the mother fox bring her child to the last safe place?

Special gameplay features of Endling

According to the developer, Endling is a 3D side-scrolling game, which you'll take control of the furry fox on her survival adventure. She will have to find foods and water for her three cute little fluffy cubs to keep them alive while bringing them to the last safe place where humans can't harm them.

Endling Is A Side Scrolling Game About A Fox Witne
Endling is a gorgeous 3D platformer powered by Unreal Engine 4

However, in this ravaged world, every species is competing for their foods and water, so you'll have to join this battle, too. Hunt other animals to eat and feed your children, and avoid the bigger ones to stay away from their claws. Endling will put your surviving instincts to the real test, and require you to make tough decisions which might result in losses in the future. But, no one likes being others' foods.

Endling Is A Side Scrolling Game About A Fox Witne
Stay away from the deadliest hunters: human

The best thing in this game is that you can see the whole destruction of Earth through the eyes of a wild animal. Through those experiences, the developer hopes to raise awareness from players about environmental issues and convey the message of protecting mother Earth before it's too late.

Speaking to the press about the game's message, the indie developer Herobeat stated:

"We are truly and deeply worried about climate change and natural disasters caused by humans. This game aims to help raise awareness about real environmental issues."

Endling Is A Side Scrolling Game About A Fox Witne
Endling wants to raise players' awareness about protecting the environment

Release date and supported platforms

Endling will come out for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Since there is no official release date of the game yet, PC player can wishlist it on Steam now for future's notification.

Endling will launch at some times in Q1 2021. Enjoy!