If the human world has run out of goods that you can enjoy, the indie developer Infuse Studio is inviting you to this wildlife adventure. Spirit of the North will take you to the untouched beauty of Iceland on the shoes of a fox!

In order to celebrate this announcement, the developer has released a brand new gameplay trailer of Spirit of the North. Alongside that is the release date of the game as well, but let's get into that later. You can admire the trailer below:

May our fates intertwine verily

Taking the roots from many stories of Nordic folklore, Spirit of the North lets you play as a furry red fox. While you are traveling in the gorgeous and vibrant landscapes of Iceland, you awaken a mysterious soul, which turns out to be the guardian of the Northen Light. She is a female spirit fox, and now, your fates will intertwine with the others on this extraordinary journey.

Spirit Of The North Trailer Ps4 Timed Exclusive 1
Meets the foxy guardian spirit of the Northern Light.

Together, you and the spirit will embark on the wordless trip exploring snowy mountains under the red-stained sky. Not only you can admire the scenery together, but you will discover the secret behind the guardian and mysteries of the land from ancient civilizations' ruin.

Spirit Of The North Trailer Ps4 Timed Exclusive 2
Explore the gorgeous land of Iceland with the help of Spirit of the North.

Gameplay features

According to the developer's description, Spirit of the North is "a single-player, third-person adventure game". To be more specific, you'll control the red fox and travel through the beautiful scenery in Iceland. Incidentally waking up the foxy Spirit of the North, your journey now has a new target: following the foreboding red line that has drawn up the sky.

Spirit Of The North Trailer Ps4 Timed Exclusive 5
Trace the red stain in the sky to find the mystery behind the ruins of the past

On your way, you will explore every corner of this land, from the glacial caves to the green fields. Spirit of the North features a lot of puzzles, which you'll switch control from the red fox and the spirit to solve it. With the help of your new ally, you'll bring light to the ruin of the ancient civilization and reach many places you can't reach before.

We don't know what is waiting for the duo on their journey, but from the name of this game, we can infer that it will open up the secret of the spiritual guardian of the Northen Light. Another great thing of Spirit of the North is that it doesn't have any dialogs or narratives, which brings the tranquil atmosphere and allowing to enjoy the landscape without disruptions.

Spirit Of The North Trailer Ps4 Timed Exclusive 4
Featuring a lot of puzzles for both the fox and the soul to solve

To cut the long story short, if you've enjoyed the atmosphere of ABZU or Journey, don't miss out on this title. Beautiful visuals, a rich story, and slow-paced gameplay - all of them make Spirit of the North a must-try for me.

Release date of Spirit of the North

Spirit of the North is coming out for PlayStation 4 in November. The 1st of November is the precise release date of the game, and it will stay exclusive for PS4 for a while.

Spirit Of The North Trailer Ps4 Timed Exclusive 3
Spirit of the North is coming for PS4 on November 1

Information about pricing will be updated by Gurugamer in the future, so stay tuned!