Daymare: 1998 was originally a remake of Capcom’s masterpiece, Resident Evil 2. However, Capcom has swiftly put a stop to that, as they have planned on making a remake for Resident Evil 2 themselves. From that point on, Invader has changed everything about their game to turn it into just “a Resident Evil inspired” game instead. All their efforts have paid off, as Daymare 1998 is available now on Steam, with a PS4 and Xbox One version on a later date.

Surrounded by dangerous zombies

It is important to understand that Capcom did not do anything to force the developer into stopping production of their game – they just asked that the game leaves out any Resident Evil related details. With Invader managed to create their own game with Capcom’s inputs, it would definitely be interesting to see how the fan remake of Resident Evil 2 could have become. As the true RE 2 Remake from Capcom was an excellent game, it appears that the current situation is a win for both sides.

Daymare 1998 Review 3
Jumpscares are a big part of this game

Daymare: 1998 is currently available on Steam on a 10% sale off. The premise of the game has some similarities with Resident Evil, with detectives investigating a mysterious zombie outbreak. The gameplay of Daymare is more or less the same horror survival gist of RE, with players trying to manage their resources while battling against the zombie hordes. Furthermore, the lore can be revealed by reading the various documents strategically placed all over the place.

Daymare Hades
The game was developed using the gorgeous Unreal Engine 4

Meanwhile, Capcom is rocking the survival horror genre with yet another new Resident Evil title. The upcoming trailer for Project Resistance depicted it as a 4 vs 1 brawl, with all human players ganging up on a super-powered zombie. No release date has been revealed yet, however, a closed beta build would be released soon.

Below is the release trailer of Daymare: 1998. The game is available now on Steam.

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