The reveal trailer for Project Resistance has just been released, and with that, it is verified that the game would be four players coop against the zombie horde.

Project Resistance Resident Evil New Trailer Tease
The crew of four against the zombie horde, two with firearms, two with sticks

Project Resistance has been on development for quite some time now, as Capcom has been inviting testers from Japan and the US to playtest the game in September. After that, the teaser website revealed that Project Resistance would be available for the attendee of Tokyo Game Show – a lot more info would be available soon enough. For the unfortunate, however, they would have to make do with just this trailer.

The first event that happens in the trailer is a swarm of zombies attacking four characters wearing normal American Teenager clothes. They are armed with light weaponry and some makeshift gears such as a baseball bat. Turned out the area was a research lab, and the person who is controlling it is releasing more and more dangerous creatures to fight them, such as a licker. And finally, during the climax of the trailer, Mr. X appears to face the four survivors.

Project Resistance Mr X
Mr. X strikes again

The trailer, despite being awesome, hasn’t given us much to theorize about. Capcom calls this in-development game a team-based survival horror experience, which is very similar to Valve’s left 4 dead. As the game is heavily implied to be coop intensive, stuffs like cross-play is just to be expected. As the number of people in the survivor team swelled to four, it is unknown if Project Resistance would be able to replicate the survival horror style of the previous Resident Evil games.

More information about this game will definitely be revealed during the Tokyo Game Show on Sept 11. Tuned in to our page for more info later – also, check out the trailer of the game above.

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