Shooter games where you do not only have to worry about other players but also the monsters and bosses are very rare. And if you've enjoyed the classic S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and the modern Borderlands 3, The Hive is going to be your next bet!

The Switzerland-based indie developer 3 Day Monk has launched their Kickstarter campaign for The Hive, aiming for $110,000. If its can reach this goal, The Hive will come out at some times in November 2020.

Below is the 4-minute-trailer showcasing the gameplay of The Hive, and considering how smooth and detailed its look, I expect a lot from it. You can see the trailer below:

The background concept of The Hive

The developer 3 Day Monk has stated The Hive will shy away from taking futuristic settings or past time. Instead, its story will take place in our days, but with a huge twist: the folklores and legends have come to reality. Hence, there are a lot of dangerous creatures that only exist in stories now risking the life of the mundane.

Many areas have become uninhabitable due to the threat of those creatures. And if the governments can't contain them, and states will have to consider those areas exclusion zones. As a result, many people living in this situation have lost their homes and jobs, and will never get support from the organizations, clans and other entities running the economy.

The Hive Is A New First Person Looter Shooter 7
Some areas are abandoned due to the hostile creatures' appearances

Leaving with no other choice, this group slowly gathered to become the "breachers" - who have to risk their lives and wander in this dangerous world to find necessary resources to keep on living. However, they'll have to face not only the scary creatures but also troops from the big companies - making their efforts to take control of those regions and influence the whole market.

The Hive Is A New First Person Looter Shooter 4
Risk your life to find necessities to keep on living

As a breacher, can you survive in this severe circumstances?

Key gameplay features

As I've mentioned, The Hive is a first-person looter-shooter that takes the inspiration from S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and Hunt: Showdown. To be more specific, this game is round-based, and each round you enter will have different conditions, which requires different approaches. A round with start at your specific spawn point, and from there, you'll have to make a deadly adventure in the medium-to-large map.

The maps in The Hive ranges from medium to largeYour task in each round is collecting as many resources as possible, and stay alive after slaying the boss. You'll have an electronic device that works basically as a radar, which helps you locate the specific items you're searching for. Players can also upgrade it with the "gears" collected on the way to make it work more effectively.

The Hive Is A New First Person Looter Shooter 6
There's equipment to help you locate the resources you need

The fun thing about The Hive is that you can choose to bring certain equipment to each round. On the good side, it will help you a lot with your adventure, since you don't have to start from scratch. But on the other hand, if you'll lose not only that equipment but also everything you've looted throughout the way if you die. The penalty for each death is very high, so you can't afford to die too often.

The Hive Is A New First Person Looter Shooter 5
You'll lose every equipment you've brought to this round if you die

Speaking about loots, you can collect many kinds of equipment, including weapons, armor, gears and many more to stand a chance against the threat. They're not only the mighty folklore creatures but also other players and the troops from the big companies as well. Apart from other players and the troops, the dangerous creatures will randomly appear on the map.

In order to help the players better prepare for such situations, the game will give them some indicators on their appearance. The weather conditions will suddenly change, alongside the malfunction of some specific equipment if there are some folklore creatures show up.

The Hive Is A New First Person Looter Shooter 3
The weather will change if some mysterious creatures appear

Collecting enough resources will unlock new areas with more valuable items and tougher enemies. In order to get into the new maps, you'll have to find an extraction zone randomly generated by the game.

Detailed weapons, intriguing concept and breath-taking gameplay - that's what you can expect with The Hive. Enjoy!