Pearl Abyss - the Korea-based developer of the famous MMORPG Black Desert Online - has teased the name of three new games at the start of this month. However, on that date, we only have a vague description on those games, and there are no images on how they look like at all.

But today, we finally have a deeper look into those games. To be more specific, Crimson Desert is an open-world fantasy RPG made to tell the past story of Black Desert, DokeV is a vibrant 3D creature-collecting game, and PLAN 8 is the brand new shooter with some RPG elements.

Let's get right into the details of each game to find what is special with Pearl Abyss's newest games!

About Crimson Desert

Starting with the most related one to what Pearl Abyss has been doing well - Crimson Desert is the new game in the 'Desert' series. To be more specific, it refers that the fantasy desert used to be soaking red before turning black - telling the backstory of the acclaimed MMORPG Black Desert. Leading this project will be Jason Lung.

Below is the trailer for the game, which you can have a look:

Entitled "A Saga Written in Blood", Crimson Desert aims to become the next flagship of Pearl Abyss To be more specific, it will portray the story of the mercenary heroes that appear in Black Desert Online, whose destiny will connect at certain points. However, it doesn't mean that you will have to control all of those heroes.

Instead, their story will be told through the eyes of Macduff - son of Martinus and the main protagonist of this game. He is the man of a tragic past, which obsesses him to fulfill the role of the mercenaries leader. However, his responsibilities sometimes require him to sacrifice his men's survive, triggering his sorrowful past even more.

Crimson Desert Dokev Plan 8 Pearl Abyss New Games 1
Macduff is the main character in Crimson Desert

Basically, Crimson Desert is a 'next-gen MMORPG' that lets you dive in the single-player campaign rich in quests and characters. On your adventure in this open-world, you can recruits more mercenaries into your group, therefore receive new quests for you to enjoy. The quests sometimes put you into epic raids with huge mythical monsters or other groups of mercenaries and even the powerful beings that hide in the shadow of the royal family.

About DokeV

DokeV is another MMORPG from Pearl Abyss, but it takes completely new settings. The game takes place in a futuristic world, where you become the youngest and most talented creature collectors. You can see what the characters and their strange friends look like through the trailer below:

Pearl Abyss is aiming for the route of Pokemon Go with DokeV, firstly decided to release it for mobile. However, after certain consideration, the game will appear first on PC and consoles for a better experience. The limits of mobile devices don't allow them to create the most gorgeous visuals, so they opt for PC and consoles instead.

Crimson Desert Dokev Plan 8 Pearl Abyss New Games 3
DokeV is the collector of the creatures namely 'Dokebi'

Nothing much to say about this game since the developer hasn't revealed much about its features. So far, we only know that you'll step in the role of DokeV - the collector of 'Dokebi' in this vibrant futuristic open world. However, it's not only about running around and collecting, but DokeV has a lot of playable content for you to explore. Hence, you can expect some investigating quest, Dokebi fighting and more to come.

About PLAN 8

PLAN 8 is the real challenge for the developer that has been dedicated to making RPG games. It's a multi-player third-person shooter that resembles The Division 2 - which mix the intense gunfight with open-world adventuring experience. You can see some of the real in-game footage in the trailer below:

And even with a shooting game, Pearl Abyss still pack some open-world RPG elements in it. As a result, now we have a 'next-generation shooter' that goes beyond what other shooters out there has done. To be more specific, you'll not only bring your gun to the fight but also other equipment like shields or the flying machine like Falcon as well.

Crimson Desert Dokev Plan 8 Pearl Abyss New Games 4
The mechanical arm is not a bad choice either!

Furthermore, the battles in this game are not just straight-forward fighting, but also requires some strategies too. And also, Minh Le - the creator behind the classic Counter-Strike franchise - will be the technical advisor of this game, so you can expect a lot of goods in PLAN 8.

Pearl Abyss has revealed that PLAN 8 will come for PC and consoles first, and mobile devices later.

Are you excited to see more information about these three games?