Coming from developer Mobile Technologies, Stay Out is a new free-to-play MMORPG with a post-apocalyptic setting that bears a resemblance to the popular survival horror series STALKER. The game has just entered Early Access on Steam just in time for the upcoming festive season, and to celebrate the occasion, the developer has also launched several Christmas-themed events for players to sink their teeth into.

These events will add a brand new “N-Town”, where you can go to pay Father Frost a visit. Alternatively, you can opt to roam around in Gingerbread Madness in the form of a massive cookie.

In terms of gameplay, Stay Out is a free-to-play shooter/MMORPG in which you’ll become a “stalker” – those who delve deep into the mysterious places abandoned and forgotten by humanity. With such a premise, you can expect that it’ll involve a lot of navigating through urban ruins and perilous forests in search of ancient artifacts. And of course, danger lurks around every corner in these kinds of places, so you’ll always have to stay on high alert.

Stay Out Environment 8c45_wm
Explore desolate environments full of danger

Stay Out is currently available for Early Access on Steam for free. Starting from today (December 23rd), you can already check out the Gingerbread Madness event or visit the “N-Town”, while another new feature, the snow fort competition, is set to arrive on December 25th. All of these events will last until the end of January 2020.

Finally, here are the most notable features that Stay Out brings to the table:

  • A massive open world with an accurate recreation of post-soviet 90’s architecture to explore.
  • An expansive arsenal of weapons as well as a wide collection of other equipment, all of which are highly realistic.
  • Survival gameplay with harsh environments and plenty of horrendous enemies to overcome.
  • Integrated RPG elements where you can earn experience to unlock skills and develop various professions.
  • Social-based gameplay allowing you to team up with or compete against other players.
  • A player-driven economy powered by an open-trade system.