There are some games that you would never want to play in the dark alone unless you want to stay awake that whole night. Infliction is one of them. Into the game, you will get to explore a haunted house that is full of tragedies and find out about all the secrets in it. You can check out the trailer of Infliction below.

Ghosts and demons are often created by sad and painful events, stories. This time is a story about a once-happy family. As you play the game, you will discover clues and hidden messages through pictures, furniture, painting to understand the mystery behind all the strange events here. They will also unlock secret paths in the house for you to take.

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Find out what caused this family to fall apart and create a tragedy

But you can't just walk around in the house and do whatever you want becasue you are not alone. The house and all of its horror are here with you, waiting to make things violent and end your life. You can try to fight, I won't guarantee that you would win. The best way to survive is to try to avoid unnecessary encounters. You can hide beneath beds or tables. Use your flashlight to stuns enemy so you can have a little more time to run away.

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Find clues in paintings, furniture to understand the story

The game uses Unreal engine to give you the most realistic and terrifying experience. But you will soon find out that it is the story that disturbs you the most, the tragedy about loss and betrayal that we are all afraid of.

Infliction is currently available for PC through Steam with a price of $19.99. The game will be released for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One on February 25 next year.