Horror games are frequently challenging and thrilling. It requires players to have good skills and proper strategies to survive and win the game. These are ten things you should never do in any horror game unless you want to die soon.

10. Stay Alone in Until Dawn

Normally, horror games force you to go alone to explore the mysteries and do the mission by yourself. However, if you are allowed to stick to a group, don’t stay alone. In any horror film, characters will die when they are alone by a mysterious thing. Until Dawn is an excellent example of that rule. If you stay alone discovering in-game mysteries, you will get a horrific death. So, staying alone in Until Dawn is a bad idea.

Until Dawn
Until Dawn

9. Hide Too Long in Alien Isolation

Another horrible death comes when you stay hidden longer than required in Alien Isolation. That’s the way the developers punish players who hide too long to avoid in-game scares. When you hide under tables or in lockers longer than necessary, aliens will still find you and game over. They are set up to find out players hiding too long. So, get out and move when noticing the coast is clear to move through.

Alien Isolation
Alien Isolation

8. Ignore Caution in Man of Medan

One of the worst choices causing you to die is ignoring caution. It would be better if you think carefully, take a quick moment to explore all the options. If you’re haphazard and foolhardy, you will get bends and encounter in-game monsters. If you read caution, you will know the dangers behinds the doors and mysterious corners in the game.

Man Of Medan
Man of Medan

7. Prior Health to Ammo in Resident Evil 7

If your health level is low and the game lets you choose between healing and refilling ammo when you get a chem fluid, choose ammo. That’s the only way to knock down evils and survive in Resident Evil 7. It’s because you will definitely die if you have no bullets to kill those creatures. And you can’t run away from them with your full bar of health.

Resident Evil 7
Resident Evil 7

6. Waste Bullets in Resident Evil 2 Remake

In horror games, you need ammo to kill enemies and put down evils. But don’t shoot anything you bump into or you won’t have enough bullets to survive. If you can run away from enemies without injury or firing, don’t waste ammo. Save your bullets for unavoidable fights to survive. If you waste your bullets for unnecessary encounters, you will definitely die of lacking resources in this horror game.

Resident Evil 2 Remake
Resident Evil 2 Remake

5. Stay Passive in Bloodborne

In Bloodborne, you need to move and fight when you can. If you are too passive, the game will punish you. Sometimes, you have to encounter terrifying bosses and the only way to pass the barrier is to kill those creatures. It doesn’t mean that you have to look for enemies to fight, but when you need to, be aggressive and violent.


4. Leave Group in Dead by Daylight

Only by working in a group can you and your mates evade the Killer and survive in Dead by Daylight. When the game requires you to coordinate, don’t go alone or you will be killed. That’s the way the game punisher rule breakers.

Dead By Daylight
Dead by Daylight

3. Go Out At Night in Dying Light

If you’re a fan of horror films, you can notice that the most nightmarish things come from the dark. And, almost every horror game is set at night to make it more thrilling. But when Dying Light lets you choose to do the mission in daytime or nighttime, don’t hesitate to choose the daytime.

Dying Light
Dying Light

2. Lose Patience in Last of Us

When playing Last of Us, if you lose patience, you die. When you don’t have enough bullets to put down enemies, you should hide and wait. Once you become impatient and head to a fight without a full cartridge-clip, you will get murdered.

Last Of Us
Last of Us

1. Lose Your Mind in Amnesia: Dark Descent

Horror games often make players terrified, scared, get nervous and lose their minds with creepy or thrilling scenarios. Amnesia: Dark Descent is an outstanding example. When your character gets insane, your mission is to keep yourself conscious and avoid doing foolish things. Pause when the horrific scenes are overwhelming to let your heartbeat decrease.

Amnesia Dark Descent
Amnesia: Dark Descent

Those are the ten silliest things you should avoid in any horror game. Follow the rule and keep those tips in mind if you want to win the game.