SIMULACRA 2, the highly anticipated horror title from developer Kaigan Games, has now arrived on both Google Play and the App Store. It's a terrifying detective thriller in which you’ll become a journalist hired by the haggard Detective Murilo to help him investigate the death of a popular influencer. Check out its trailer below:

While Murilo has his heart in the rice place, he has become too obsessed with the case, which is mysterious and troubling. Time seems to be of the utmost importance here, so you shall have to make the best of your investigation skills to gather information from the victim’s phone and social media and eventually figure out the truth.

Simulacra 2 Ios Screenshot In Game Vid D56a_wm
Your investigation skills will be put to the test

There are 3 suspects to interact with, any of whom could be the culprit. As you can imagine, this is not going to be an easy case. Luckily, Kaigan Games is no slouch when it comes to creating fun "found phone" games. The original SIMULACRA, released in 2017, was pretty well-received thanks to the haunting horror experience it offered.  Prior to that, SIMULACRA’s spiritual predecessor Sara is Missing also became somewhat of a phenomenon in 2016.

This new game promises to expand upon the formula set by its predecessors in several ways, providing players with more inventive apps to interact with. The plot is also reportedly complex and ambitious, with a live-action cast larger than any of Kaigan's previous work.

Simulacra C3ec_wm
SIMULACRA 2 looks to expand on the formula set by its predecessors with new apps to interact with

How good the live-action performances are will no doubt be of paramount importance to the overall quality of the game as you’ll be directly interrogating the suspects. Lackluster acting could definitely ruin the creepy aesthetic.

SIMULACRA 2 is now available now for purchase on both Google Play and the App Store. It’s a premium app priced at $5 (Rs 350). The developer also plans to bring it to PC and Nintendo Switch next year.