Exploring a girl's phone is like having an adventure in another world. There are full of apps, message and tons of many other things that we would never understand what they are for. However, in Simulacra, we'll have to explore those apps, and dig deeper into the phone's data to save the girl!

Simulacra is a detective horror game, in which you'll have to use your talent of a tech genius to find the clues on the lost girl. It's a product from the developer Kaigan Games and the publisher Wales Interactive. You can see the real actors starring and voicing for the game in the trailer below:

The story of Simulacra

Kaigan Games is the developer behind Sara is Missing - another game that takes the concept of finding the lost girl with a phone. Now, coming back with another title in the beloved "found phone" horror game - Simulacra, people can expect new gameplay features in this game.

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer 1
Simulacra has won many awards for its PC and mobiles release

In fact, Simulacra is previously available for PC, Android and iOS, and with the game's success, the developer decided to bring it to consoles. In this game, you'll incidentally come across the phone from a girl named Anna. Searching through the phone to find the owner, you catch a video of Anna desperately crying for help.

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer 3
The phone has a video message of Anna crying for help

The deeper you dig down the phone, the stranger it reacts with flashing screens and horrifying images. In order to find out what happens to Anna, you'll have to talk to her pals, but they could only give you some not-so-useful information. Don't have another choice, you'll have to put your efforts to find clues on the corrupted data, blurry images and lost files on the phone.

The pictures of Anna's lost will gradually be put together as you further make progress. Will you be able to trace her steps and find her before it's too late?

Gameplay features

Simulacra is a story-driven horror game, which will take you to the world of a smartphone. The developer Kaigan Games wants to follow a realistic approach, so it has hired real-life actors to film the video footage for the game at real locations.

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer 6
Simulacra follows a realistic approach

Your task is to find clues on what happened with Anna through her phone, and rescue her before it's too late. In order to do that, you'll have to search for clues through various actions that Anna does with her phones: messaging, surfing the Internet, sending emails, shooting photos and even online dating! Maybe after this game, you'll find out what a girl use their phone for, and maybe learn how to get an E-girl in real life!

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer 5
Search in her dating apps to find clues on what can happen with the girl

Nevertheless, you'll have to explore every corner of her phone, interact with her friends and solve some puzzles to recover the lost files and corrupted data. The puzzles including recurring photos and decrypting text messages, which might make you feel like a real hacker!

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer 4
Solve puzzles to recover the images

In the end, Simulacra will lead you to five different endings base on how you choose to interact with those data. Hence, it has a certain level of replayability - a huge plus for a narrative game.

Simulacra Consoles Launch Date Trailer21
The game has five different endings

Release date

Simulacra is already available for PC via Steam, Android via Google Play Store and iOS via Apple Store. And now, it's coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch as well!

Console users will be able to fetch this game on December 3 at a price of $4.99. The sequel of this game - Simulacra 2 is coming for the platforms above on December 12, so keep an eye on that!