Coming from developer Project R3D, Bridge Strike is an upcoming aerial battle game with an old school vibe that draws heavy inspirations from the classics such as River Raid. We first reported on this one back in October 2019 and were very impressed by it back then. Though we were a bit worried about how good the touch controls would be, the visuals of the game looked great and its gameplay appeared very solid as well. Check out its trailer below:

Bridge Strike will reportedly feature dynamic weather changes, ranging from heavy rainfall to snow. The pixelated art style and the level of polish on display, meanwhile, clearly shows that the entire thing is a labor of love from coming from genuine fans of the classics.

Bridge Strike
The game looks highly polished


Enemies come in all kinds of shapes and forms, including aircraft and ships. There also seem to be certain types of enemies that you cannot destroy by any conventional methods, meaning the only reliable way of dealing with them is simply to try your best to avoid them altogether. This brings an extra layer of tactical depth to the experience since you won’t just be mindlessly blasting your way through everything.

Bridge Strike Enemies
Enemies come in all kinds of shapes and forms

Your primary weapon is a set of rocket launchers with unlimited ammo. These are great at blowing those annoying bridges to fragments when they block your way. Aside from fighting enemies, you'll also have to pay attention to your fuel meter, otherwise you’ll find your flight ending sooner than you want it too. Thankfully, there is no short supply of the stuff coming in aircraft carriers.

Bridge Strike is expected to launch globally next month on the 5th of February with pre-registration already available right now on both Google Play and the App Store. If you are a fan of retro shoot-‘em-up games, then this is a promising title you definitely should keep an eye out for.