The charming 2D platformer Wunderling is set to make its way to PC and Nintendo Switch next year, delivering to players a captivating tale of a video game goon. Check out its trailer below:

Coming to us as a courtesy of developer Retroid, this 2D retro platformer takes a different approach from what we usually see in games of this type. Our protagonist is actually not the hero in this story, but just a low-level goon who met a terrible fate at the hands (technically feet, but you get the idea) of the hero. Thankfully, he is revived by his evil master and granted the ability to jump, which opens up a whole new dimension of movement. Now, this minion sets out to complete his mission of stopping the hero.

Wunderling 1 66ba_wm
You will not be the hero in this story, just a low-level goon serving an evil lord

He’ll encounter many challenges on his quest, however. While he can now jump, turning around is still fairly limited: he can only do so upon hitting an obstacle, otherwise, he has no choice but to continue moving in his current direction. Since you won’t be able to stop or change the direction of your movement at will, planning ahead will be crucial in order to survive. As you progress, you’ll navigate through a series of varied environments, overcoming puzzles and unlocking new abilities such as Wall Jump or Boost in the process.

Wunderling 2 247d_wm
Unlock new abilities as you progress

Niklas Istenes, a game designer at Retroid, describes the feeling of being on Nintendo Switch as “surreal”. He shares that the team is “thrilled” to have its game brought to a massive audience via one of the most popular consoles in the world. Wunderling was originally designed to be an adventure game whose gameplay revolves around only one button, as Retroid wants to prove that such a premise can actually work with a traditional platformer.

Wunderling is scheduled to hit Steam and Nintendo eShop in 2020, though no specific release date has been mentioned yet. For more information, visit the game’s official website.