Roughly five years back, developer Raresloth launched a game titled Furdemption on the mobile platform, which was a top-down puzzle/platformer during which you’d control a little rabbit to navigate through a series of deadly traps. That game captured the heart of many players thanks to its astounding level of polish and incredibly well-designed levels.

Then about a year later, a sequel named King Rabbit was released, which still retained the core gameplay of the original but added new levels, a more balanced difficulty curve, and plenty of collectibles. That game then also went on to also enjoyed massive success thanks in no small part to its free-to-play model as opposed to its predecessor, which was a premium game.

King Rabbit 7439_wm
King Rabbit is a game where you try to help a rabbit overcome deadly traps

Raresloth had more plans for King Rabbit, though, and so in mid-2017 the studio announced that it was working on a sequel that’d be rebuilt from scratch with Unity so that it’d be easier to port to other platforms. Sure enough, we got that sequel on Steam early this year, and it has received a lot of positive feedback since.

Then for most of 2019, Raresloth has been polishing the game and adding new content to prepare it for a cross-platform launch on mobile. And now, we finally know when exactly to expect King Rabbit on our Android or iOS device: April 12th, 2020.

Similar to the PC version, this upcoming mobile port will be free-to-play, as Raresloth wants its product to be accessible to the vast majority of players. It will instead make money through ads and selling cosmetic items.

King Rabbit 2 005a_wm
The mobile version will be free-to-play, similar to its PC counterpart

Another interesting to note about King Rabbit is that a large part of its gameplay will revolve around user-generated content. That means players will get to create their own levels and share them online for others to enjoy. You’ll also have the option to follow creators whose work you like and even donate coins to them to complement their good work. On the other hand, if you are not into those kinds of stuff, then there’s still a fully-fledged campaign to play through. Look forward to King Rabbit’s arrival on mobile next April!