Manifold Garden was announced for Apple Arcade a while back and we’ve been pretty excited about it ever since. Now, the game has finally become available via Apple’s new subscription service. This is a genuine labor of love from developers William Chyr Studio, taking a whopping 7 years to finish. Check out its trailer below:

Manifold Garden is an exploration game with a first-person perspective in which you'll also get to solve several puzzles. As you can see, its art style looks mind-bendingly stunning, having been inspired by the works of Maurits Cornelis Escher. In case you don’t know, Escher is a Dutch graphic artist known for his ability to draw impossible architecture.

And this design is not there just to look pretty either, as it’ll affect the gameplay itself. At first, you'll be presented with similar geometric patterns that stretch across the entire landscape, and your task is to use your gravity-manipulating powers to shift to a new perspective, eventually figuring out the way to process.

Manifoldgarden Screenshot 09 1920
The game will take you to a gorgeous and mind-bending world

The trailer included above gives us a pretty good look at the game in action. It seems this will be a gorgeous yet mind-boggling experience as you strive to understand the various rules of this world working toward your ultimate goal of restoring life to this desolated realm.

Manifoldgarden Screenshot 03 1920
You'll have to make use of your gravity-manipulating powers to figure out how to process, eventually restoring green to this desolated realm

All in all, Manifold Garden looks like it will make a fine addition to Apple Arcade's constantly-expanding library of games. Sure, the service already offers no shortage of puzzle games, but you’d be hard-pressed to find one that looks quite like this.

Apple Arcade is available right now at a subscription fee of £4.99 (Rs 460) per month. For more information about this service from Apple, check out our previous coverage.