From Luminawesome Games Ltd., we have the upcoming title of Lumote. In this game world, you play as a bio-luminescent squishy creature with the mission to overthrow the evil Mastermote. Use your power to control those Motes and utilize their different abilities to solve all the puzzles in this world.

Here we have the new trailer for Lumote:

An amazing title

They Schedule To Launch Lumote In Early 2020 Now W
It is a world where Blue Vs. Red Powers.

This title is all about 2 opposing powers, the power of blue of the Lumote and the Mastermote's Red power. Your character is Lumote in this gorgeous 3D platformer puzzle with only 2 abilities to possess and jump. With your possession ability, you could take control of the inhabitants in this world, the Motes, thus utilize their skills.

Depending on red or blue power control the Mote, their actions will change accordingly to hinder or help Lumote overthrow the Mastermote.

They Schedule To Launch Lumote In Early 2020 Now W
It features quirky characters and vivid visuals.

Being a combination of platforms and puzzle-games, above all, is its luminous artistic direction and ingenuity of the game mechanic, which helps Lumote lures in our eyes.

Conquer the world of the Motes

The Lumote world is divided into 3 biomes which you need to take control of. You will need to do that step by step by taking control of all towers in those biomes one by one. Each of these towers has its own mechanics and style. Thus each will be a brand new adventure for you. There will also be the pictographic blocks which help you understand the story of Motes' world.

They Schedule To Launch Lumote In Early 2020 Now W
Utilize your abilities to take control of this world.

Luminawesome Games Ltd. plans to release Lumote via Steam for PC in January next year at the price of 24.99 USD. Follow the PC release; they will also launch the game on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS 4.