Grobo is the latest puzzle platformer title from developer Hot Cholate Games. In the mysterious and metallic world of Megatropolis, you’ll take the role of Grobo, a lovable yet lonely robot. The little guy is on an exploration mission across his own home city.

Join Grobo in an adventure in Megatropolis!

Gameplay overview

Generally, the game focuses on Grobo’s special abilities to walk and shift gravity. With these gifts, you have to guide the robot through mind-blowing puzzles and traverse through various environments. Many hazards and traps are there, and it’s your job to keep him safe and sound while progressing through the gorgeous hand-drawn city.

Master the art of gravity and guide the little robot through different puzzles and environments.

Each chapter will unveil the story piece by piece. The further you progress, the closer Grobo gets to discover the truth of his ominous world. With that being said, prepare your wits and become his best pal.

Here's the game official launch trailer:

Key features

Initially, there are 48 puzzles to solve in the game. These mind-bending challenges will make you question gravity over and over again. To progress from a puzzle to another, you need to get a 4-star rank and at the same time, retrieve Grobo's memories.

48+ levels of creative puzzles await you.

5 chapters of the deep narrative-driven story will be full of mystery, endearment, and hardship that Grobo has to face. All in all, all he wants is to find his friend and explore the fall of his beautiful Megatropolis.

The game will be in full portrait mode with extremely straightforward, newbie-friendly controls. Moreover, a chipwave soundtrack from composer PHÖZ will prove very entertaining to hear while you attempt to solve the puzzles.

In summary

Within the puzzle platformer market, Grobo is undoubtedly among the best ones to check out. At £3.99 (Rs 360) on the App Store and £3.79 (Rs 340) on Google Play Store, it is quite a bargain. In case you want to find more information about the game, feel free to head over to its official website.