Grobo is a new platforming game for mobile that follows the journey of, well, Grobo, a robot who possesses the ability to control gravity. It's set to release hit Android next month on the 10th of October. Check out the game’s trailer below:

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world in which 5 people have managed to survive by hiding inside a virtual world called Megatropolis. The problem is, now they cannot get out, and so it’s up to Grobo to help them find a way.  Throughout your adventure, you’ll also get to uncover many secrets about this world.

The game will feature 48 levels filled with all kinds of traps, from lasers and to spinning blades. You'll have to rely on your gravity-manipulating skill to navigate your way through them.

Overcome all kinds of traps

Judging from the trailer, it appears that you can alter the gravity direction, meaning all the walls around can become the floor for you to walk on in an instant. With some creativity, you can do other things as well such as stacking boxes on top of each other to create a pile that you can then jump on top of to get to higher platforms. No doubt as you progress further into the game, you’ll start encountering more complex challenges and have to come up with new ways to utilize your power in order to overcome them.

Throughout the levels, you’ll also come across memories of those that were lost in the apocalypse, which are basically collectible items. If you are a perfectionist and want to get the highest rating with every level, you’ll have to go out of your way to collect these.

In term of presentation, Grobo is delightful. Every level is hand-drawn and has this captivating quasi-painting. The music is also incredibly well-done, mixing haunting choral voices with 8-bit sensibilities.

Grobo Presentation
The presentation is really nice too

As mentioned, Grobo will hit both Google Play and the App Store and Google Play on the 10th of October. It’ll be a premium release that’ll set you back $3.99 (Rs 280) if you want to get it.