Team17 has help publishing many successful titles, including the Overcooked! series, My Time At Portia and Aven Colony. Now, many people are waiting for its upcoming game - Monster Sanctuary.

And to satisfy the curiosity of fans, the publisher has launched this Pokemon-inspired game on Steam Early Access. Here's the trailer showcasing the main features in the gameplay of Monster Sanctuary. You can see it below:

Become the world best Monster Keeper!

That sounds very familiar, right! Taking the inspiration from the Pokemon world, Monster Sanctuary even takes the dream of its main character here as well. But in fact, it's the intriguing mixture of both Pokemon collecting and raising and adventure in Metroidvanias. So you can expect a lot of interesting features in this game.

Monster Sanctuary A Pokemon Inspired Platformer La
Monster Sanctuary is the mixture of exploration in Metroidvanias and monster capturing and raising in Pokemon

In Monster Sanctuary, you'll dive into the fantasy world as a young Monster Keeper, trying to add more monsters to your collection. Your monsters are not your pet but your allies, and they can do more than just fighting the others in battles. This game is a platforming adventure, in which you'll have to side scroll through the pixelated world.

As there are a lot of obstacles on your way, you can't just walk and jump through everything. Instead, you'll need the help of your monsters to overcome them. For example, there's an eagle one who can carry you on the air for a while, while there is one that can unleash shockwave to crash the blocking stones.

Monster Sanctuary A Pokemon Inspired Platformer La
The monsters will help you out in your adventure

You can already see how important the monsters are. Therefore, you must enrich your collections with new species as fast as possible. To do that, you can collect, hatch and train your monsters to make them useful in the future. Each monster has its own skill tree, and making the combination out of them seems to be endless.

Monster Sanctuary A Pokemon Inspired Platformer La
Each monster has its own skill tree

And here comes the special part - the combats. You'll have to compete with other Keepers through 3v3 monsters matches. Choosing different monsters to join the trio will let you perform different combos, which could end up rewarding you with some rare eggs.

Monster Sanctuary A Pokemon Inspired Platformer La
The combats in Monster Sanctuary are 3v3

Monster Sanctuary is available on Steam Early Access with a free demo

If you feel interested in Monster Sanctuary after reading our overview, you can head to its Steam page now. There's a free demo for you to try before purchasing the full game.

Monster Sanctuary A Pokemon Inspired Platformer La
Free demo available along with a 10% discount if you want to purchase

Once you've finished your demo, you can purchase the Early Access version of the game. It's receiving a time-limited discount that will end on September 5, which cut it down to only $16.19.