We have been following the development of Pokémon Masters for quite a while now. Back in May, The Pokémon Company announced that it was teaming up with DeNA to make a then-untitled new Pokemon game for mobile that would launch at some point before March 2020.

Later that month, the company held a Nintendo Direct-ish presentation revealing its plans for all of the Pokémon-related stuff that would be coming next year, and among the many announcements was a name and a brief look at the previously revealed game made in partnership with DeNA.

Pokemon Masters Leak
A game made in partnership with DeNA

The game would be called Pokémon Masters and it would allow players to reunite with many familiar Trainers from other Pokémon games and participate in all-new 3-vs-3 battles. Then about a month later, another presentation was announced, which would reportedly focus on Pokémon Masters specifically.  That presentation came on air in late June and showed us quite a bit of what we had to expect from the upcoming release. Also, the release window was narrowed down to “this summer”, which brings us to a new trailer revealed just last week showcasing more details about the combat system. If you missed it in our previous coverage, check it out right below:

Well, now it looks like Pokémon Masters has reached the next phase of its release cycle, as it is now up for pre-order on the App Store. Also, we’ve finally got a confirmed release date: August 29th. While it is not exactly what you’d call a traditional Pokémon game, Pokémon Masters still looks extremely interesting, so knowing that it’s just right around the corner is certainly an exciting prospect indeed.

Pokemon Master
Reunite with many familiar trainers and participate in 3v3 battles

In the meantime, you can visit the official website of the game for more information. You can also access all the various social media channels from there, and don’t forget to look forward to Pokémon Masters’ arrival next month.