Last month, we reported that Pokémon Masters would be coming “this summer”. Initially announced earlier this year, this is the next attempt from The Pokémon Company's to get into the world of mobile gaming, and it will reportedly focus more on Pokémon battles rather than finding and catching them.

Today, a brand new trailer has been released to further get the hype up for the upcoming release. It showcases several new features of the game, the most notable of which being a co-op mode. Check it out right below:

The game is set in a brand new region – the island of Pasio, and it will feature plenty of familiar characters from previous Pokémon games, from trainers, gym leaders, to members of the Elite Four. Moreover, it promises to introduce us to several new faces as well.  While not a lot of information about Pasio is available, we do know that it does have a Pokémon Masters League, so it’s safe to assume that a large part of the gameplay will involve players duking it out trying to win badges and become the champion.

Pokemon Master
Plenty of familiar characters will be present

The co-op play allows up to 3 players to team up to fight against AI opponents. They can also combine the power of all of their Pokémon to unleash devastating coordinated moves called Unity Attacks.

A press release published alongside the trailer also reveals that Pokémon Masters will feature Sygna Suits, a form of new special outfits for the trainers. Putting this on a trainer will change the partner Pokémon that he or she often uses in battle. For example, Brock’s default partner is Onyx, but when wearing the Sygna Suit he’ll fight using Tyranitar instead.

Pokemon Masters Coop
The co-op mode allows 3 players to team up

Unfortunately, The Pokémon Company still has not shed any more light on the release date of the game. Given that it’s slated for a summer 2019 launch, we’ll probably hear more in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more updates.