Pokemon fans are going to see another game about their favorite series come to the App Store and Google Play. The name is Pokémon Masters, and it will introduce the world of Pokemon in an entirely new way.

Pok Mon Masters Key Art 0
Pokémon Masters is coming to iOS and Android devices this summer.

In this upcoming title, players will have control over not only Pokemon but also their trainers. Your mission is participating in a competition that takes place on the island of Pasio, where many iconic trainers and all their Pokemon will show up.

This doesn't sound like anything Pokemon fans experienced in the franchise, but seems to be quite interesting. Here are a few facts you need to know about Pokémon Masters:

What is Pokémon Masters?

That's the official name of a brand-new title for mobile platforms developed by DeNA - a Japanese game maker. Instead of gathering and upgrade loads of Pokemon, the game will mainly focus on the trainers and their connection with a single Pokemon.

Pokemon Masters 3
Pokémon Masters features a new approach to the franchise.

When will it come out?

There is no specific date for its release. But it's very likely to come out this summer. Stick to our site for more information.

Where will Pokémon Master set in?

Our story will take place on Pasio, an artificial island. Trainers and their beloved Pokemon over the world have a tournament called Pokémon Masters League to participate there, and the hype is already rising.

Pokemon Masters 1
The game will set on Pasio, an artificial island in the Pokemon world.

How can I play Pokémon Masters?

Pokémon Masters has unique gameplay amongst the franchise. You need to build a team of three Pokemon trainers, each of them has a single Pokemon. Together, you will try your best to be the winners of Pokémon Masters League.

Is the game free-to-play?

Pokémon Masters is free to download. It seems you can finish the game without spending money, but it will come with microtransactions.

How about the combat system in Pokémon Masters?

There will be fights between your team and another team controlled by AI. While these battles are mostly about Pokemon, but their trainers can also show some help by using special skills that affect their Pokemon's health.

Pokemon Masters 2
Pokémon Masters is all about meeting and making friend with other trainers.

Which trainers will show up in Pokémon Masters?

Pokémon fans can find their favorite trainers from Red and Blue to Sun and Moon in Pokémon Masters, including Cynthia, Brock, Misty, Thorton, Flannery, and Korrina. Even Red and Blue themselves make an appearance.

Will the game have multiplayer?

Unfortunately, there is no clue about an online mode at the moment. But the game is still growing, and we should hear something about that really soon.

Is Pokémon Masters linked to Pokémon Go?

The answer is No. It seems that Pokémon Masters by DeNA will have no connection with the popular AR game published by Niantic.