Pokémon Masters went live just a few moments ago, meaning you can head over to Google Play or the App Store to pick it up for your respective Android or iOS device right now. The game is available completely for free, though of course that means in-app purchases will be present.

Still, many players have been reporting server issues and error screens, but we suppose that’s to be expected given that everyone is rushing to download it at the moment. Another important thing to note before you download the game is that regardless of which platform you want to play it on, your device will need to have at least 1.3 GB of free space available. Other hardware requirements include at least iOS version 11 or Android version 5.0 as well as 2 GB of RAM.

Pokemon Masters Error
Many players are reporting server errors

In term of gameplay, Pokémon Masters take players to a brand new region: The island of Pasio, where they will get to be reunited with plenty of familiar characters from various Pokémon generations. The combat, meanwhile, takes place in real-time and sees 6 “Sync Pairs” – a duo consisting of a trainer and his/her most trusty Pokémon – duking it out in intense 3v3 battles.

Pokemon Masters Battle
Participate in intense 3v3 real-time battles

The game also features multiplayer elements that allow players from all over the world to join in the fun together. A Pokémon Masters League is present as well, which presumably means we’ll get to try to win badges and participate in tournaments to become the champion.

Pokemon Masters Event 1184880
The game is offering special story events

We have extensively covered Pokémon Masters multiple times before, so be sure to check out those previous articles for more information about the game. In related news, the game is currently offering a special event to celebrate its launch, which allows players to team up with Blue – the rival from Pokémon Red and Blue – and his Pidgeot to play through a special story act.