2D platformers nowadays usually stick to the concept of run-n-gun or hack-n-slash features. Don't get me wrong, I still love how responsive and aesthetically beautiful those games look, but I rarely see one with enough satisfying adventuring mechanics that I would enjoy.

Fortunately, I have found Alwa's Legacy - a cool 2D side-scrolling that is simple enough control-wise, but also brings a lot of potentials with its magical exploring and fighting mechanics. And if you've heard of the acclaimed Alwa's Awakening, Alwa's Legacy is actually its sequel.

You can see the trailer of Alwa's Legacy down here to see how advanced the game is comparing with its 2-year-old predecessor:

The story of Alwa's Legacy

Alwa's Legacy will continue to take the setting of the Alwa's series, and you'll meet the heroine of the previous game - Zoe again. However, you don't need to play Alwa's Awakening to catch up with the story of Alwa's Legacy, since this game was made to be enjoyed separately.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
Meets Zoe - the main protagonist of the Alwa's series

One day, Zoe wakes up just to find that she's in a strange place that she doesn't have any idea of. However, even though she's baffled, Zoe still recognizes that there is something very familiar with this land, but she can't remember anything about it.

Out of nowhere, an illustration of an old lady that has a hard time just walking appears in front of Zoe, telling her with a strong voice. Turns out, she was somehow summoned by that old lady to be the heroine for a special rescue mission. They need her to get to the Town of Westwood as fast as possible, and once she gets there, they'll tell her more about the situation.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
The old lady named Saga tells her about why she was summoned

Now, with your magical staff, you'll have to travel through various enemies in this strange land to fulfill the mission that she hasn't known about yet.

Gameplay features

With Alwa's Legacy, the developer Elden Pixels has taken freedom as the main design pillars, so your platforming experience will be limitless. To be more specific, Alwa's Legacy is a 2D RPG side-scrolling game, in which you'll take control of Zoe on her journey in the exotic land.

And finally, Zoe can live up to her identity as a magician, as she can choose every kind of approach to this journey as she wants with her magic power. In this game, besides the normal staff-smack, Zoe has three special spells: a lighting spell that strikes the enemies really hard, a blocky spell that she summons a green solid brick and a bubble spell - Zoe make a bubble that will gradually fly to the sky.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
Besides the normal attacks, Zoe has three other magic spells to help her

Now those spells are the one deciding how you'll make progress in this world. All of them are useful with your adventure, and every situation can be solved with multiple solutions based on how you master those spells. For example, you can take advantage of your quick reflexion and dodging enemies' fire by jumping, and return hits by shooting lightning at them.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
Use your lightning spells to burn them up

That's the brute-forcing way, so how about the others? The blocky spell is extremely useful in battle, as it can take one solid hit for you before exploding, which you can crouch behind to avoid upcoming attacks. It's also a great attacking mean too, as you can throw those green boxes to the enemies' faces. And lastly, it's also viable to help you get to high places, as you can use them to jump higher.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
Create a green cube to stop your enemies

But speaking about the exploration, nothing can be as useful as the bubble spell. You can see from the trailer that Zoe blows a bubble, jumps on it, and just wait for it to lift you up to the sky at ease. The only downside of those bubbles is that they're not so endurance to protect you from anything.

Alwas Legacy Features An Creative Way Of Platformi
Use the bubbles to get higher easily

All of your abilities are upgradable by gaining levels through fights and reaching hidden places for high rewards. And all of those experiences will take place in vibrant visuals and atmospheric soundtrack, which you'll definitely enjoy!

Release date and supported platforms

Alwa's Legacy is still under development, and the developer Elden Pixels is running a Kickstarter campaign aiming for $25,989. It has met 80% of its goals now, and this campaign is very likely to be a success.

If that comes true, Alwa's Legacy will launch for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on April 2020. Considering how Alwa's Awakening got to Xbox One, this one will probably follow this tradition as well.