Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is a retro 2D platformer game that was originally released on PC and consoles back in late August, and now it has made its way to the App Store as well. The game is ported to the platform by Crescent Moon Games, which has been responsible for several notable mobile games in the past. Check out its trailer below:

The story of the game begins when Alex, a young boy, stumbled upon a magical book that transports him to a mythical realm called Whipseeyland. Upon arriving, he found himself transformed into the titular Whipseey, who looks a bit like Kirby and a bit like the Pokémon Wigglytuff. Except Whipseey also possesses a powerful whip with which he can battle enemies.

In terms of the gameplay, Whipseey aims to pay homage to older games in the 2D platformer genre, so of course tons of jumping and whipping are to be expected. Moreover, you can also use the whip to grapple to these floating pink rings that you see during the stages to swing over gaps that are too wide to jump over.

Whipseey 0c35_wm
Grapple onto certain spots with your whip to swing yourself over wide gaps

The game has got plenty of mixed reviews since its original release. A large part of the criticism is targeted at its length, but that might not be too much of an issue for mobile gamers who are simply looking for some quick platforming fun. On the other hand, the visual style and music have received a lot of praise.

In any case, from an aesthetic standpoint, Whipseey is undoubtedly a very pleasant-looking title that has managed to deliver the throwback feel that it’s going for. That said, another concern with games like these is how well the controls translate to the touchscreen.

Whipseey Look Bd99_wm
The game is no doubt very pleasant-looking

Whipseey and the Lost Atlas is currently up for purchase on the App Store. At the moment, its price is set at $2.99 (Rs 210).