The developer Homunculus Games has officially launched the Kickstarter campaign for its latest project - Endless Memories. It's a gorgeous 2D Metroidvania game with satisfying combats and control, and the developer is aiming for $12,000 to release the game in 2020.

In order to give players interested in this project a closer look into this game, it has released a free demo for Endless Memories on Steam. You can download it right now and see how smooth this game looks and feels.

Below is the trailer for this announcement, which you can have a look:

The story of Endless Memories

Endless Memories takes the settings of a dream world, where all of the consciences are sleeping deep. you'll take control of a warrior, traveling in many gorgeous levels that can only exist in our dreams to wake all of the consciences up.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 6
You'll have to wake the sleeping consciences up!

However, there are a lot of powerful entities that will stop you to complete your quests. Getting through them is not going to be easy, and you'll have to use every weapon and skill you've got to beat any enemies in front of you, unveil the mystery and reach the consciences.

Gameplay overview

Its story is very simple - just an ordinary warrior rising to save the world. However, its gameplay is outstanding with the splendid mixture of RPG and Metroidvania elements. The developer has primed the games as the mixture of Castlevania games and the responsive combat of Dead Cells.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 1
The control of Endless Memories resembles Dead Cells!

To be more specific, there are a lot of things you can do with both platforming and fighting. Basically, Endless Memories a 2D side-scrolling game, where you can dash, jump and fight your way through the vibrant dream world - from a dark forest to a modern fatal facility. There are a lot of enemies waiting for you throughout your journey, and you'll have to slay all of them.

Speaking about combats, there is a wide range of weapons you can use in this game. They include the melee ones such as swords, axes, maces, daggers,... to the ranged ones like bows, guns, wands and many more. Through the trailer, its feels like whatever weapons you can find are available here, and each has its unique features to match your playstyle. Furthermore, there are also sets of magical skills that allow you to become the scariest mage ever.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 3
Unleash powerful magical skills to the bosses to slay them

Your abilities will become stronger as you enhanced them with memory runes. Additionally, those runes will give you new passive abilities and new powers as well, which you should carefully choose to deliver the best combination. New active abilities are unlockable via ancient glyphs, and they will grant you access to secret locations.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 4
Upgrade your weapons with the runes to add more effects to your attacks

Now that you've looted enough power-ups for your character, you'll have to stand your ground against 250 types of enemies and 30+ different bosses. The combat of this game is very smooth and responsive, which reminds players about the experience we've got in Dead Cells. The animations of the skills are very gorgeous as well.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 2
You can also use twin swords to be extra stylish as well!

Together with multiple play modes such as time trials, plant cultivation and battle arenas, Endless Memories might be the next indie hit in 2020!

Supported platforms

If the developer meets their aims of $12,000, they'll bring Endless Memories to not only PC but also Switch and Mac as well.

Endless Memories Free Demo Kickstarter 5
Endless Memories will support PC, Mac, and Switch

The campaign has just been there for two days, but 45 backers have pledged over 10% of the project. If this trend continues, we won't need to wait long to touch the full version of the game next year.